Approximately 400 attendees from Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and surrounding areas will converge for this single day conference. The Agile Cincinnati community includes Agile Newbies to Agile Aficionados spanning Executives, Managers, Developers, Coaches, Analysts, Entrepreneurs, Architects, and all Agile roles.
Agile Cincinnati is hand-selecting 29 most innovative and mind-blowing Agile experts from across the nation and local area to share their tips and tricks with the Agile Cincinnati community. Interact with these gurus in a collaborative, fun conference where the focus is on inspiring better practices and solving real challenges.

About Agile Cincy Conference 2020

Get ready for a roaring 2020 and 10th Anniversary of Agile Cincinnati themed conference. We are marking this very special occasion with the best conference yet. Join us for a themed event that is sure to excite and delight our attendees. Come learn, network, explore, and experience Agile in Cincinnati!

The annual AgileCincy Conference is tailored to business professionals looking for actionable learnings. Speakers and break-out sessions cover baseline topics like storyboarding and working with Agile principles, core topics like retrospectives and backlog management, and progressive topics like Modern Agile and Liberating Structures. The AgileCincy Conference attendee roster include your peers - motivated to improve their Agile team - and your competition - innovators ready to launch Agile teams at the company next-door. Let’s join together for some entertaining Agile games, thought-provoking discussions, and world-class collaboration!

Featured Presenters

Peter Fischbach

Peter Fischbach

Berlin, Germany

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27 April

Sharonville Convention Center

11355 Chester Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45246, USA

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